Belt Rank and Requirements for Promotion

Belt Rank

Students must be at least 18 years old to receive a black belt under the Maru program at Loyola College. All hours are approximate and based on the AJA guide lines. All students must belong to the AJA. All belt hour requirements are based on 70 hours per semester.

White belts through purple will require 75% attendance and all other requirements for those belts.

All Brown ranks are required to have 80% attendance and all other requirements for those belts. All brown belt certificates must be registered through the AJA for each rank before you can promote to the next level.

Sankyu (Brown 3) to Shodan (1st Black) you are required to have 80% total attendance and all other requirement for those belts.
All brown belt certificates must be registered through the AJA before you can promote to Shodan.

Shodan 80% attendance accumulative hours from white to Ichikyu. Based on 586 total hours for 4 years at 80% = 448 hours. Permission from Maru BOD and consent of Hanshi. All brown belt certificates must be registered through the AJA before Shodan promotion exam.


Kyu Names

Belt Rank


Belt Requirements




Knowledge of all blue belt techniques. Good attendance. Ready to make a commitment to the art of Ju-Jitsu.



Green, 75%

1st semester/YR 1

50 hours and completion of blue belt. Good attendance. Commitment to the art of Ju-Jitsu.

Advanced Beginner

At this point should have a good start on basics and be ready for left side throws.



Advanced Green, 75%

2nd semester/YR 1

50 hours and completion of green belt / written test / good attendance.

Intermediate Level

Should have all the basics. Good attendance. Totally invested in the art of Ju-Jitsu.



Purple, 75%

1st semester/YR 2

50 hours and completion of advanced green belt / written test.

Upper Levels

Brown Belt and Teaching Requirement

You must have at least 150 accumulative hours to start upper levels of Ju-Jitsu plus all belt techniques, forms, written tests, and permission from Hanshi.



3rd Brown-1 Black Stripe, 80%

2nd Semester/YR 2

56 hours and completion of purple belt / written test you should have 200 hours accumulative.

2nd *


2nd Brown-2 Black Stripes, 80%

1st semester/YR 3

56 hours total, including 25 hours of teaching. 2nd brown techniques and all other requirements.



1st Brown-3 Black Stripes, 80%

2nd semester/YR 3

56 hours / All Ichikyu requirements and permission from your instructor.


Title only given to highest ranking brown belt

After 70 hours of Dojo involvement and teaching.

1st Dan


1st Black-1 Red Stripe, Instructor Certificate

1st and 2nd semesters 4th year

100 hours at 80%, plus 250 hours accumulative. All belt requirements. Written and practical. Permission from the Maru black belt board and Hanshi.

*Students going for Nikyu must teach for at least 25 hours and have at least 200 hours of belt work time (cumulative).

DAN Ranks



Time Needed from Previous Belt

2nd Sensei


Black-2 Red Stripes

Two years and teaching certification, written and practical work. See exam page for requirements. Ask Hanshi.

3rd Sensei


Black-3 Red Stripes

Three years individual written and practical work to be determined. Continued work on personal development. Teaching.

4th Sensei


Black-4 Red Stripes

Four years. Involvement with home Dojo. Continued work on personal development and practical test.

5th Sensei


Black-5 Red Stripes

Five years. Involvement with home Dojo and see below.

6th Shihan



Permission from AJA BOD

7th Shihan



Permission from AJA BOD




Permission from AJA BOD

9th Hanshi/Professor


Black with Red Border

Permission from AJA BOD

10th Hanshi/Professor


Black with Red Border

Permission from AJA BOD

Belt Requirements

For All Yadansha Ranks

All Yadansha ranks regardless of grade must meet all Maru Martial Art belt requirement for that grade.
All Maru Martial Arts belt requirements meet the standards established by the American Ju-Jitsu Association who is the certifying agency that governs this Dojo. Promotions will be granted based on time in present rank, years of training and experience gained by teaching. Along with the belt requirements you will be evaluated for appropriate attitude, maturity and significant contribution to the art of Ju-Jitsu, your home Dojo and the principles, ethics, conduct, and concepts of the art in every aspect of you life.

All black belts seeking promotional consideration must have a certified AJA promotional certificate of rank, a certified teaching certificate and have a current membership in the AJA.

There shall be a proficiency evaluation including a mat examination for the rank of Shodan through Godan.
Candidates for promotion to Godan will be evaluated by me and recommended to the Eastern Regional Director for consideration to be tested by the regional BOD.

AJA Constitution, rev.6.1,11/20/08

There is no minimum time in rank requirements for Rokudan and higher. There is no requirement for a mat examination for Rokudan and higher. Proficiency evaluations are still required for all ranks. All candidates shall be evaluated for promotion based on his/her continuing knowledge and contributions to the art and to the organization.