First Class Reminders


  1. Attendance is crucial for your success in learning the art.

  2. Jujitsu meets 3 times per week. Check Schedule for class dates and hours

  3. Check e-mail for class cancellation on days of inclement weather

  4. If you are a member of the Ju-Jitsu club you are permitted to attend any classes sponsored by the club. (Self-defense)

  5. You must have your class log sheet signed by a black belt. Log sheets will be handed in at the beginning of each class. You will pick them up signed after class. This is a way for us to keep track of your attendance and progress.

  6. Hours may be made up by participating in other club activities. Demonstrations, seminars,and extra class time with upper belts are also recommended.

  7. If you cannot attend a scheduled class please contact Hanshi Donna at 410-790-1154 or through e-mail at or . Please take a business card with you.

  8. Lateness will result in loss of needed hours. Do not leave messages or tell another student to relay your message. You must let a Sensei or the President know at least 2 hours before the start of class.

  9. Uniform: All students must own a Judo Gi. If you already have a gi you may use that one.

  10. Please change in the locker room or come dressed. However, do not wear the full uniform outside of class.

  11. Appropriate attire, long pants for all and crew neck T-shirt for females.

  12. Protective equipment, knee pads are preferred for all upper belts. Elbow pads, shin pads, joint supports etc. may be worn as necessary, and a mouth piece is required for certain activities. (Males: groin protection is required.)

  13. It is preferred that all upper belts wear some kind of knee support under knee pads during class

  14. No hats in the dojo

  15. We request that you do not ware jewelry. If an item such as an earring cannot be removed, it should be taped for protection against injury. Necklaces may be worn but is not recommended as they may be caught and broken. Wear all jewelry at your own risk.

  16. Equipment can be ordered through Renshi Donna. It is usually ordered once during each semester

  17. Etiquette

  18. Always bow when entering and leaving the dojo, going on and off of the mats, to your partner, etc.

  19. Always bow when you are spoken to or given instruction by black belts.

  20. Turn around and kneel when fixing your uniform.

  21. Respect your upper belts.

  22. Inform a black belt when you are leaving the room.

  23. Do not talk during instruction or in formal bow in and bow out.

  24. Sit appropriately, Anza or Seiza.

First Class

  1. Promotion

    1. You must have all requirements completed.

    2. Requirements include: all techniques for your rank, hours, test (written if applicable), all promotion forms

    3. Renshi will send you the belt test via e-mail. Please check the web site for due dates.

    4. Renshi must also agree that you are ready for your promotion.

  2. Course materials

    1. Visit the web site for updates, downloads, schedule, and roster:

    2. Download required sheets from the Internet and place them in a binder.

    3. Please print and fill out waiver forms (randori, media, ) and return them to Sensei Donna 

    4. Be sure to read the class bulletin board for rules and upcoming events.

    5. Books, tapes, and other material/equipment may be borrowed from Renshi Donna for one weeks at a time. You are required to  sign them out. Any item lost will be replaced by you. Promotions will be put on hold until all Maru property is returned each semester. Do not lend borrowed items to anyone else. Even a student. Do not give and item to another student to return for you. You are responsible for any items you borrow.

  3. Tips

    1. If you have a question, ASK!

    2. Don't push yourself to keep up with the upper belts during drills (perfection, not speed)

    3. Do not resist techniques. 'You can be seriously hurt if you do not learn to trust your teachers.

    4. If you are injured, let a black belt know immediately.

    5. Be mindful of your surroundings, especially mirrors and other students. Be aware of mat safety. There is a hard floor at the end of the mat. Keep your partner and yourself on the mats.

    6. Check your email and the update page for important information!

  4. Other

    1. First aid supplies are in the closet on top of the lockers. Please let Renshi Donna know when the supplies are low.

    2. You must belong to the AJA, fees due in December.

    3. Other costs: Promotion, books, staffs, uniform

    4. Look out for upcoming Demos, tournaments, and seminars. Hours may be accumulated at these events.

    5. Remember, we are a club: Support your club by coming to class, getting new members and attending demos and tournaments

Ask someone if you have any questions!