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                               Media Waiver


I hereby authorize Maru Martial Arts to take photograph, video graph or otherwise record my image, sound, and likeness while I am participating in any activity sponsored by or connected with Maru Martial Arts. I agree that such recordings may be published by Maru Martial Arts to third parties in advertisements, books, or instructional materials. I hereby waive any and all right to any compensation in connection with Maru Martial Arts's publication of such recordings, even if Maru Martial Arts derives a profit from the publication.

Signature of Student

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Witness Signature

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Signature of Maru Martial Arts Representative

For students under 18 years of age

Acknowledgment and Agreement of Legal Guardian, if applicable:

Signature of Legal guardian, ____________________________________________________________________

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__________                                                                Representative Initials _________

Randori Rules


1. Protective gear is mandatory and will be worn at all time by students while participating in Randori (Groin Cup (males), Mouth Guard All Students)

2. Groin protectors will be worn at all times (Males)

3. Randori will be practiced under Judo Randori Rules. Anyone not able to follow these rules will not be permitted to continue After two warnings the student will be banned from any kind of Randori activity for a time set by the head Sensei.

4. There will be no contact to the face or groin. 

5. Student may only Randori under the supervision of appointed watchers and only when Randori are called by the head Sensei.

6. Students may begin Randori at Maru at age 10 under supervision and with permission from parent or guardian.

7. Students under 18 years must have permission from parent or guardian before they are allowed to participate in Randori.

8. Rules: 5 seconds to gain control, 3 seconds to submit. ( NO CHOKES ) Clean throws 3 points, other throws 1 points. 1 point for pin.  3 points for Submit

9. Students will obey appointed guard during Randori without question

10. All participants must be students of Maru Martial Arts in order to participate in Maru Activities and have waivers on file with Maru Martial Arts.

11. Anyone that will not comply with the above rules will be asked to leave the area.

I agree to follow all the above rules: Student sign______________________________________________________