Nidan Mat Test                     
      Written part 1


Answer questions fully.  Think about them.  If you need to discuss them with someone, pick someone who knows you not the art. 


1.     1.  Pick an event from your (A.  life ).  Change its direction and discuss the differences.  How your life would have gone based on that one change.  B.  Pick an event from Ju-Jitsu.


2.     2. You have been a black belt for over one year.  You have been teaching in other dojos and other martial art environments. What have you learned?  What has changed?  How has it changed?  How have the changes affected your life?


3.     Take your time and think about your life as it is now. Describe how it has changed and how Ju-Jitsu and being a black belt has and is affecting how you live your life today.  Mental and physical.


             Mat Test part 2


  All techniques will be done within a 12 foot square of mats.  You may expand the square for form.


Use this form and write down all of the new techniques with names that you will be using in this promotion and give it to me.  This will be the list for your test.  I will be calling from your paper.  Learn new techniques and come up with your own attackers.  I have taken many examples from my new favorite book.  You may use any reference material you want.  Books, video’s, other sensei’s etc.



Redesign your weapons form.  I want to see more technique, flair and speed. Empress me 8).  You should know everything about your weapon.  I want to be able to see techniques using both hands.  You may use one or two weapons at a time.  You may do more that one weapon.  Just make sure you know that weapon as well as your choice weapon…   Music would be nice.



Do 6 freestyle techniques.  From an attack to a counter to a setup to a technique to control or strike.    Use “The Art of Ju-Jitsu book”.  Examples, pg. 258-265


Do 4 multiple attacker techniques with defenses.


Kihon goshin jutsu not kata,  pg. 314-330  1 from each series


Hyori No Kata, two person kata  pg. 346-351


 Pick 10 techniques total on the following.


Ground Work


              Tori on back,  pg. 211


              Uke on back,  pg. 218


              Uke on all fours  pg. 235


Grappling,   pg. 290-312


Techniques from your knees and from lying on the ground  6


Kneeling face to face with your uki, do 6 techniques with knife and 6 without.



Learn 10 new ones.



Jo staff techniques  / With and against the staff    You should know at least 15


Work on single knife techniques.  Have 10 ready.


Work on double knife techniques.  I want  3


Show how to use your choice weapon to defend against an attacker.  4


Gun techniques.  Front, back, back and front up against the wall, from back with one arm neck hold, in close with a lapel grab, About 15




                           Unarmed attacker


You may use mine or come up with your own situations.  You must learn the one on page 410 from the ground.  It is one of our self-defense techniques.  6 more.

From a needle,  survive 3


From getting out of a car


Standing, waiting for a bus


From someone reaching in to take something that is yours.  Ex.  ATM


Someone with their arm around you shoulder walking with you that you need to get away from.


Walking past someone and they grab you ( not an arm grab ) and try to get you into a car or van.  Two attackers.


Choking you from behind while you are sitting down

                 Freestyle Randori


                  Light contact


You will start from standing.  You will use light contact to the body and no contact to the face.  You will do 3 rounds.  Each round will be 2 minutes long or until someone taps out.  Randori will be stopped if you go off of the mats.  Remember you will only have a 12 foot square to work in.

                  Combat Circle


You will have 2 minutes defending someone from multiple attackers.  Technique


You will have 2 minutes defending from your knees, Technique


From the ground.  Technique


Against a knife


Against a club


Against a needle


While disabled.   Leg, arm,


Blind folded

                Freestyle Combat


You will go for at least10 minutes.  You will defend from all the above attacks except for the one where you defend someone else.  Combat will continue as long as safety concerns are met.  You will stop when you can no longer continue to defend yourself or I stop you.  There will be no randori.  If anyone starts to randori I will stop the test and you will start from the middle again.  Only real techniques will be allowed.  No do overs.  Once an attack starts you must take it the way it would be in a real situation.  Attackers must be submitted with a strike or pain technique.  Remember you can set them up or use strikes to stall.


All rules will be given to attackers before you start.  No white belts and maybe green belts will be used during the combat portion of this test.

                      GOOD LUCK


Give me sushi and I will quite here.  8)


Have fun.  Ask questions if you don’t understand something.  I am here to help you.  You all have different talents.  Help each other.  You have till next December.