The Constitution of the Ju-Jitsu Club


"You can live with dread of the future and its uncertainties. Or, you can hope, and trust, and live in faith that if you find yourself at the edge of a cliff, with no where to turn...that God will teach you to fly."

Article 1 - Name

  • Loyola Ju-Jitsu Club

Article 2 - Purpose

  • To promote good sportsmanship

  • To build self-esteem and confidence through martial-arts training and peer support

Article 3 – Membership

  • All students, faculty, alumni, or staff of the Loyola University community may join the Ju-Jitsu club

  • All Club dues must be paid by the second (2nd) week of class

  • All members of the Ju-Jitsu Club must be registered as a member of the American Ju-Jitsu Association (AJA)  

  • AJA dues must be paid once a year, and will be collected during the Fall semester for all new and returning members (If student begins classes in Spring semester, AJA dues will be collected then, and will then be collected in consequent Fall semesters)

  1. Responsibilities

    1. Students must attend the class regularly (average of one practice per week over a four (4) week period while practices are held).  This is required in order to still be considered an active member.  Inactive or non-members require four (4) weeks of regular attendance to become active members for the purpose of legislative (voting) rights.  The regular attendance requirement is waived during Loyola University breaks, including, but not limited to, summer vacation and winter breaks.

    2. Regular attendance is also required for belt advancement.

    3. Conducting oneself in a courteous and respectful manner at all times at all club functions.

    4. Observation of all safety regulations in compliance with Maru Martial Arts and the Maryland Safety Board to insure limited injury to the Loyola Ju-Jitsu Club members and staff.

    5. Payment of all dues, including AJA and club dues, on time and in full.

    6. Payment of all outstanding debts owed to Maru Martial Arts for equipment, books, and any other properties or services, incurred by club member.  All debts are to be paid by the end of each semester.

    7. Only using training in accordance with the ethics and philosophies of Maru Martial Arts which is an AJA certified dojo.  (Intentional misuse of training will not be tolerated.  One warning will be issued and continued misuse of training will result in expulsion from the club.  Dues are non-refundable)

  2. Rights

    1. The opportunity to travel and compete with other dojos.

    2. The opportunity to travel and participate in sanctioned seminars

    3. The opportunity to attend all inside and outside Loyola Club functions

    4. The right to wear Maru Martial Arts and the Loyola Ju-Jitsu Club colors and logos.

    5. The right to vote in Executive board elections and legislative decisions.

Article 4 – Meetings

  1. There will be one meeting per semester open to all interested active members for the purpose of club regulation.

  2. The officers will meet at least once a month during each semester, or as needed to fulfill their duties.

  3. Regular meetings will be held each week for practice and training, within the confines of Loyola University academic schedule.

  4. Additional meetings and practices may be schedule as needed.

Article 5 – Executive and Judicial Boards

Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board consists of three elected positions (officers): President, Vice President and Treasurer.  Other positions will be added as needed.

  2. The three elected positions are open to any undergraduate club member meeting all requirements above.  Members holding the rank of white belt are excluded.

  3. All Club officers will follow Maru Martial Arts and the American Ju-Jitsu Association guidelines.

  4. Should an officer step down, not be able to perform the required duties, or be dismissed, the Executive Board will take over the responsibilities of that position until a replacement can be found and voted on by the club members.

  5. Officer responsibilities must meet the standards of the Office of Student Activities.

  6. Executive Board Duties

    1. Putting in for club funds from the club appropriation committee

    2. Having contract for services signed by the head Sensei and submitted it to _____

    3. Will be determined and assigned as needed

    4. For further information, see Executive Board Duties Book

Judicial Board

  1. All active club members, including advisors, holding the rank of brown belt (Sankyu) or higher, are members of the judicial board.

  2. The purpose of the Judicial Board is to perform judicial review with regards to club rules and regulations.

  3. Decisions are determined by a majority (greater than one half) of the Judicial Board casting a vote on any issue brought before the board.

  4. All judicial votes are open.  Providing reasons for one’s judicial vote is encouraged.

  5. Ties are broken by the Head Sensei.

  6. All members of the Judicial Board have the right to review any issue brought before the Judicial Board and should be notified as soon as possible of any grievance or issue.  Board members have two (2) weeks to return a decision.

  7. Board members may voluntarily remove themselves from the Judicial Board altogether, or on a case by case basis.  No board member can be forced from the Judicial Board, so long as all eligibility requirements are met.  Board members who remove themselves altogether forfeit the right to review all issues brought before the Judicial Board.  Eligible Board members become active again once the issue is resolved. 

  8. Appeals of the decisions made by the Judicial Board are made to the Head Sensei.  Once the appeal's decision is made at this level, the appeal may be made to the appropriate Loyola University governing body.

Article 6 – Elections

  1. Candidates must convey their intent to enter themselves in the running for a position on the Executive Board. 

  2. Candidates may nominate themselves, or be nominated by other members.  Candidates can refuse nomination by another.  Nominations should be made two (2) weeks prior to the election.

  3. Candidates have the right and are encouraged to address the class as a whole before elections.

  4. All officer positions (Executive Board) will be elected by the club members, as long as, they meet the eligibility requirements.

  5. General elections, as well as all other legislative votes are done by secret ballot.

  6. In the case of an even tie between the candidates the Head Sensei will cast the tie-breaking vote.

  7. Elections will be held on an as-needed-basis.  Executive Board members can serve until they graduate, or they no longer wish to serve, or they are fired. 

  8. A member of the Executive Board may be fired for not meeting the requirements of the position.  See Executive Board Duties book.

  9. The Head Sensei may carry out this task without support of the club members, Judicial Board or the Executive Board. 

  10. If there are not volunteers for the positions of President the Head Sensei may choose someone of their choice.  The chosen member may refuse nomination. 

  11. If there are not enough candidates to fill all of the Executive Board positions, the President will assume all duties with help from the Head Sensei.

Article 7 – Funds

  1. Club funds will be used, first and foremost, to pay the Head Sensei.

  2. For special purchases, the club will do fund raisers to help to offset cost of club activities.

  3. Maru Martial Arts will help with the purchase of equipment when possible.

Article 8 – Committees

  1. Committees, if needed, will be chosen by the officers to help with club functions.

  2. Committees can be as small, or as big as needed.  No elections are needed to serve on a committee. 

  3. Volunteers are expected to fulfill all duties of the committee until the event is completed.

Article 9 – Affiliations

  1. The club will abide by all Maru Martial Arts ethics, philosophies, and teachings.

  2. Maru is a certified Dojo under the American Ju-Jitsu Association.  The Maru Martial Arts teachings, meet all the standards of that organization. 

  3. Each club member will download and keep a copy of the Maru Martial Arts Dojo rules and teachings in his/her student binder.

  4. All students, brown belt (Sankyu) and above, will be required to be certified by the AJA for that rank.

  5. All AJA rules can be found in the AJA Dojo Handbook.

Article 10 – Advisors (Moderator)

  1. The Moderator will be chosen as needed.  There is no limit to number of years a moderator can serve, as long as he is willing, and performs his duties to the club and to Loyola University.

  2. The Moderator will be nominated by the members of the club through a majority decision.

  3. The responsibly of the Moderator are issued by the Office of Student Services.

Article 11 – Instructors

  1. Requirements

    1. All instructors will be at least the rank of Shodan (First degree Black)

    2. All instructors will hold a teaching certificate, which is approved and granted, by the American Ju-Jitsu Association.

    3. All instructors will hold a current CPR certification.

    4. All instructors will remain practiced in all aspects of the art and style that they teach.

  2. Appointment

    1. The Head Instructor owns Maru Martial Arts, and was hired by Loyola University Maryland.  Maru Martial Arts holds the AJA Dojo certification.  All Ju-Jitsu Club certifications are under Maru Martial Arts. 

    2. The Head Instructor is also the Head Sensei

    3. The Head Sensei or Head Instructor will remain in their position until they step down 

    4. The Head Sensei may hire up to three (3) assistant senseis under the contract and agreement of the Fitness and Aquatic Center.  Contracts are formed directly between the assistant senseis and Maru Martial Arts.

    5. The Head Sensei may also use all black belts attending the class as assistants, as long as they hold the required certification.

    6. The Head Sensei may bring in guest instructors once per month, in agreement with the Fitness and Aquatic Center.

  3. Duties

    1. Teaching students the required techniques of Ju-Jitsu, so that they may advance towards their objective.

    2. Observing safety protocols at all times

    3. Provide knowledge in all aspects of the art of Ju-Jitsu.

    4. Help students prepare for club activities, including demos and tournaments

    5. Other duties will be assigned as needed

Article 12 – Ratification

  1. The constitution will be ratified by a majority vote of all qualifying members.

  2. The constitution must conform to all Maru Martial Arts and AJA standards and guidelines.

Article 13 – Amendments

  1. Amendments will arise through club meetings and classes, and will be presented to the Head Instructor, Officers and Moderator.

  2. Amendments must be approved by a majority vote of all qualifying members.

  3. Amendments must be agreed upon by the Head Sensei and the President.

Article 14 – Bylaws

  1. Bylaws may be introduced by any club member, moderator, instructor, or committee.

  2. Bylaws will be enacted by majority member vote.

  3. Bylaws must be consistent with this constitution and each other.