• Fight, leave marks on his face, tear his clothes, pull out his hair, poke him in the eyes, get his description.

  • Try to get someone's attention by becoming hysterical. Make yourself throw up on him, then faint. Wait for your chance.

  • If you are put into the front seat of a car, wait until he is about to stop behind a car, then hit his gas peddle. Try pulling out wires from under the dash board.

  • Jump into his lap while he is driving. Lay on the horn.

  • If you can, start hitting and jumping around until you can get into the back seat, then try to get out the back door.

  • Never get into a car where the lock buttons and door handles have been removed.

  • If you can't get the door open, try to get out the window. You do not have to make it all the way just start yelling and kicking at the driver

  • If someone pulls you into the back seat with them hide something that will identify you. ( ear rings, ring, bracelet, etc. ) This item will be used to show you were in the car and can be used in court.

  • Push his head into the steering wheel over and over and over.

  • If you are put in the trunk pull out wires. Try to get to the lamp bulbs and pull out their wires. Then push out the tail lights so you can stick out you hand to get attention.

  • If you stop, try to leave a note on a bathroom mirror or on the wall etc.. Leave some kind of identification that can be used to identify you, a "Help Me Card," where someone can find it. Leaving personal objects may help, but the finder may just keep it.

  • Carry a "Help Me Card." Write "Help Me" on the back of a business card or index card. (Paper with your name and a emergency phone number with "Help, please, call this number I am in trouble.")

  • Educate the people around you as to things they are to look for if you are missing. Prepare for the worst.

  • Throw things out the windows, anything and everything. Try to hit other cars or people.

  • Once you are away from your attacker, you must stay free. Run, find a place that is crowed like a bar, gas station, get someone to call the police.

  • If you can't find a place to go or you are being followed, try to find a place to hide (don't be picky) trash can, over-grown weeds or tall grass, under cars.

  • Find something to use as a weapon. Look for things you can throw.

  • Turn and fight only if that is the last and only choice. If you must fight, fight to win at all cost, without thought of dignity, honor, modesty, or fair play. Win, win, win.

Hints on what to do if you are abducted

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