Class Hours


TUESDAY 8:00PM to 10:00PM  in the FAC, upstairs in group exercise room 207
Thursday     8:00PM to 10:00PM  in the FAC, Upstairs in the group exercise room 207
Saturdays   10:00AM to 1:00PM in the FAC, Upstairs in the group exercise room 207      

Don't forget your dues ($60.00). Returning students, your class dues should be submitted now. Make sure you get a receipt and to hold on to it.. New students, class dues are due by the second week of class .

There is also a yearly  $20.00 AJA fee.   See Hanshi Donna or Connor to pay your AJA dues.

What's Happening

The Ju-Jitsu club has been on campus for over 35 years.  All of the assistant instructors are Loyola alumni.  The Ju-Jitsu club under the Maru Martial Arts Dojo has promoted over 27 black belts since it started in 1987.  Our club is active on and off of the Loyola campus.  We are involved in a lot of outside activities.  We have competed in Ju-Jitsu tournaments and did very well  taking 1st and 2nd place trophy's.  We also like going to Ju-Jitsu seminars,  putting on demo's,  helping with the self-defense classes and have even traveled to the ocean to train.  If your in the area come and visit. You might find it interesting. Our club is friendly and welcoming.  We look forward to seeing you.   contact infomation




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