When first learning unfamiliar, yet effective defense techniques, a large number of students are intrigued: armed with enthusiasm, they seek further knowledge. Some try to advance too fast in their quest for defensive techniques, which actually hinders their progress. On the other hand, the enthusiastic student who works hard at one defense, and then goes on to another, is the student most likely to retain these techniques, and use them effectively, and without restraint in time of need. Yet, regardless of how one proceeds to quench his thirst for knowledge, it is only common that they have some daydream, picturing themselves applying what they have learned, perhaps to an immense neighborhood bully or a gang of ruffians, and of course, emerging the victor. However, the mastering of these techniques, though important from the physical standpoint, is not the true objective of the Budoshin Ju-Jitsuka! The physical techniques for preparedness develop confidence in a beginner, but as one studies the art in its deeper aspects, he will discover that self confidence is just a stepping stone to humility and self-restraint. When this spiritual attitude is attained, success in daily living is destined to prevail, and the true objective of Ju-Jitsu will have been obtained.

Evidence of humble attitudes can be found, not only in those having a knowledge of Ju-Jitsu, but among other athletic greats in their respective fields. If a survey was to be conducted among these athletes, as to the origin of their humble attitudes, they would would probably say that when the peak of their success was reached, they realized that their level of achievement was only the beginning of a new learning period. Many other levels may be attained. One realizes how little he really knows, and thus, rids himself of that "Know-It-All " attitude. This does not necessarily hold true in some competitive sports where there is team participation, but generally, applies to competition where the individual determines victory or defeat.

As a plea to the beginner, never use Ju-Jitsu aggressively, or provoke anyone to attack you, thinking that this would justify defending yourself. Use the knowledge conveyed to you only in unavoidable defense of yourself, your loved ones, and in defense of your country.

Never display your talents in public, just to be the center of attention. Such a display may only inform others what you do not know, or have not already learned. An enemy in the crowd may remember.


Humility and Self-Restraint

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