1. Bow when entering or leaving the workout area, when approaching or withdrawing from an upperbelt, when stepping onto or off of the mat, and at the beginning and end of class.

  2. A traditional uniform is to be worn to all practice sessions upon receiving the rank of green belt. (If there is a problem see the head sensei.) Long pants are required by all and a crew neck t-shirt is required by females.

  3. All students must belong to the American Ju-Jitsu Association, upon receiving their first colored belt. Membership is $20.00 a year. This is an A.J.A. rule.

  4. Promotions can be delayed if #2 and #3 are not followed.

  5. All uniforms must be clean and in good condition. Please keep your bodies clean and nails trimmed.

  6. Jewelry or sharp objects must not be worn during workouts. To do so is at your own risk.

  7. Students must not engage in idle talk or use inappropriate language while in the dojo.

  8. Students must not chew gum or eat during workouts.

  9. Students must always be courteous and helpful to each other.

  10. Students must never use their skills, except in self-defense.

  11. Students must learn and uphold the only two correct ways of sitting and the proper way of standing.

  12. Students should question what they do not understand, but answers are not debatable .

  13. Promotions and promotion dates are at the discretion of the head instructor.

  14. Due to liabilities, protective gear must be worn at all times in accordance with activities. (All males must wear groin protection.)

  15. Upper belts will not teach lower belts any techniques not listed on belt sheet, without permission from head instructor.

  16. Rules must be followed during all martial art events.

Rules that are continuously ignored will be addressed. Appropriate disciplinary action is for the safty of all.


Dojo Rules of Conduct

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