Print copies of pages with the * beside it and put in a binder with your workbook.

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Notebook Index Page*                                                                 Victims of Sexual Violence Help

Class Log Sheet*

                                                                                                     All forms are on YouTube channel
History of the Black Belt

Kansetu-waza: Joint techniques                                                 


Media Waiver Copy 2x Sign One & Return to Sensei                   

Randori Rules Copy 2x Sign One & Return to Sensei                  Techniques Descriptions & Locations

First Class Reminders                                                                   Maneuvering Strategies & Other Information

Belt Rank Requirements                                                                General Mechanics

Student Cost for Full Program                                                      

Philosophy of Ju-Jitsu                                                                    Hiku, one eack on birth, life and death

Teaching Tips for Nikyu & Sankyu

Humility & Self-RestraintStudent Cultural Studies                          Bushido

Attitude                                                                                            Cultural Studies    

Right Mental Attitude                                                                       Weapons Page

The Principles of Martial Arts                                                       

Ju-Jitsu the Way to Japan

Maru Lineage                                                                                

Ju-Jitsu History                                                                            

 Meaning of the Belt Rank Titles

Dojo Rules of Conduct and Ethics                                                            

Code of Conduct                                                                          

Vocabulary       Vocabulary words                                                  



Advanced Green
Brown 3
Brown 2

Brown 1


Martial Art Laws Still on the Books       

Staff work information

Staff Form 1-8

Strikes and Their Reactions

Point Strike Chart:
Locate strike points using this diagram

Letter from Mace Security International: For everyone and everything

Bugei Trading Company:  For all things Samurai, over 1000 related Martial Arts products


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