Our style of Ju-Jitsu is a system of combat martial arts and philosophy used by the samurai in Japanese antiquity. It is also the parent art of many classical Japanese arts, such as Judo, Karate, Akido, and it dates back over 2500 years! The material taught in class covers throwing, grappling, striking, forms, drills, and break-falls. Ju-Jitsu is both a graceful and beautiful art as well as an effective system of self defense. Students can be promoted in the club through Maru Martial Arts. The Maru Dojo is a certified Dojo under the American Ju-Jitsu Association. With good attendance and hard work students can reach their black belts within 4 years. Hanshi Donna Mathews has promoted over 20  black belts during her years here at Loyola. All of her assistant instructors are Loyola graduates.

The American Ju-Jitsu Association is the only Ju-Jitsu organization in the USA officially classified by the US Government as an amateur athletic association.

Students can eventually learn to use martial arts weapons such as the Jo (short-staff), broadsword, nunchaku, and other weapons. As a member of the Ju-Jitsu club you will notice your coordination, speed, flexibility, concentration, and patience all increase with training. Whether you are searching for traditional martial arts, a sport like environment, or even a great workout, the benefits that Ju-Jitsu offers in terms of personal development are countless. Instructors from Maru Martial Arts teach the class. This is a certified black belt course. Come to class, do the work, and you can have your black belt when you graduate.

The club, now in its 30th year, offers membership to all current Loyola students, alumni, staff, and faculty both female and male. We currently hold class three times a week during the school year (see the Schedule or go to the Update page), in the studio 207 2nd floor of the Fitness and Aquatic Center. Please feel free to stop by a class and see what truly goes on inside the club.



Maru Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu

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