Uke - attack with uppercut strike

Tori - intercept strike

  1. Finger Press (Yubi gatame): Grab uke's fist and press in fingers, push the uke's fist down and rotate the back of your hand towards his face. (Facing uke)

  2. Wrist-lock come-along: Rotate the uke's fist to the right in a circular "backwards C" motion, then push up. Uke's elbow should be at a 90 degree angle with fist pointing towards the ground. (Facing uke)

  3. Wrist submission: Face the uke in perpendicular position, while keeping the wrist come-along. Move left hand to the inside of the uke's hand and wrap fingers around the uke's little finger area and pull out, pointing towards the uke's heart.

  4. Reverse hand-technique (Gyaku te): Remain in perpendicular position, while stepping back and placing right hand on top of uke's elbow, and pushing down.

  5. Chicken wing (Ude-garami): Interlock left thumb with uke's thumb. Pop the uke's elbow up with right hand, as the left hand creates a circular motion to the left. Create the chicken wing lock by pressing down on the hand, with your bicep as the base. (Now facing same direction as the uke).

  6. Stomach Armlock (Ude-hishigi-hara-gatame): Take a windstep forward with right foot, while pushing down on the uke's shoulder with your right hand. (Now facing the opposite direction of the uke.) Create a large base with your knees and rest the uke's arm on top. Lower your upper body to apply pressure to the uke's elbow.

  7. Reverse hand technique (Gyaku te): Take your right hand and slide down the uke's arm, as you step out into perpendicular position to the uke.

  8. Chicken wing (Ude garami): Slide right hand down the uke's arm to switch hands, so that your right hand is on the uke's hand and the left hand is on the uke's elbow. Move your right hand in a circular motion to the right to apply a chicken wing resting upon your right shoulder. (Now facing uke).

  9. 2-way action wrist and neck submission: Switch hands so that your left hand is on top of the uke's hand and your right hand is pushing the uke's neck at the carotid artery. Pull left, Push right.

  10. Hand technique (Te nage): Place both hands on the uke's hand, step back with your right leg (tai-sabaki) as you pull the uke forward to off balance, then bring your right foot forward again (tai-sabaki) and initiate a hand technique to the ground.

  11. 2-way action wrist and neck submission: Stay on the inside of the uke, as you place the uke's hand palm down to the mat, as you push against the uke's neck. Pull left, Push right.

  12. Finish.



Kansetu-Waza (Joint Techniques)

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