Bu-shi-do a code of daily lining for the fighting nobles. Bushido encompassed a system of moral principles. Those instructed in the code were expected to discipline themselves according to it. One studied with the master and copied him.

Bushido means literally (Military-Knight-Ways) the ways which fighting nobles should observe in their daily life, as well as in their vocation.

It is true courage to live, when it is right to live, and to die, only when it is right to die.

The feeling of distress is the root of benevolence.

Part of the Japanese way of life is politeness, courtesy, and excellent manners.

Dishonor is like a scar on a tree, which time, instead of effacing, only helps to enlarge.

A vivid consciousness of personal dignity is implicit in the word honor.

The sense of shame was regarded as one of the earliest indications of moral consciousness. Disobedience to a code or to a superior produced feelings of guilt and shame.

The basic framework of Bushido consists of chi (wisdom), Jin (benevolence) and you (courage)

Bushido, the Way of the Warrior

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