The logo for Maru Dojo not only represents the philosophy of the art, dojo, students, and teachers, but also the meaning of life. The circle, taken from Zen teachings is all encompassing, it has no beginning and no end. Like life, once you are born or enter the circle the I becomes continuous, never going back. You continue through your life or lives seeking oneness. Maru in Japanese means circle. Ju-jitsu is a circular art.

The three sided triangle or pyramid has a large solid base. All learning must have a sound foundation on which to grow. The higher the learning, or the more difficult the technique, the stronger your basics must be. The pyramid touches the circle on all three sides to show that learning and growing is continuous even past the higher levels. Learning must be continuous. Knowledge must be gathered carefully. What we learn must be used and used wisely on a daily basis. Knowledge must be shared with others in order for us to understand it's full meaning.

The use of the yin and yang symbol shows that there are two sides to all things. Each side must be reinforced by its opposite element. The yin and yang represents male and female, light and dark, student and teacher, good and bad. Good must contain elements of evil in order to understand evil. It must know evil to defeat evil. We must know the dark to find life in the light. In order to understand and identify our own path in life, we must understand both sides of all things. Good and evil must share an equal part in our lives. We must recognize the yin and yang in ourselves in order to understand others. The relationship between student and teacher must be based on knowledge of the student. Without that understanding the teacher can not teach the student. The yang is the understanding of the unfamiliar. Even in ourselves there are unfamiliar areas to be explored. We must learn all there is to know about ourselves in order to help others to learn the way to their individual understanding.

As the yin and yang enter the pyramid so do we enter new phases in our lives. During our lives we experience changes. These changes represent new experiences in our lives. As we enter each new phase we learn, experience and grow. Changes in life prepares us for all the future changes and challenges. They bring us closer to the final challenge. We must collect the wisdom to continue our existence on the planes of our beliefs.

The colors, red and black, also show a beginning and end. Red is life. The blood that flows in all of us. The color of our convictions. Black is dark. It leads us through our period of death where we are judged. If we have lived by the light we will be always in the light. If we played in the darkness, then there we will remain.



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