Haiku's are 17-Syllable poems. A student going for the rank of black belt must write a total of three. One on birth, one on life, and one on death. Although they are the requirements for the rank of Shodan, the poems below were written by students from all ranks.

Birth                                                                          Life                                                                Death

See the parent hold                                     What is the meaning?                          Only silence heard

 a miracle in safe arms.                               So many have asked before.              Wigh a mute voice and last breath

 a new mind to teach                                    Mysteries await                                   I exist no more


 At the beginning                                          The winding path leads                      Facing my last test
A newly budding willow                               The Bushi travels onward                   Still bending like the willow
Ready for Life's road.                                   Learning is his way                              My battle is won. 


Warm inside the womb                              Wrong answer in class                          Grass doesn't know winter
Like an acorn in the soil                            Actions and consequences                   One day a fish stops swimming

Wrong answer in class                             Learn from our mistakes                       Be strong till the end

A new life is born                                     Child springs to boy                                        The final step.  

 parents gaze with pride                         boy falls to man.                                               The end of all

dreams come to life                                Man into friend, husband, father, god.          The autumm starts new

                                                                                                                                        Noone knows


 A bloom in the fall,                                  Shooting for the best                                        One last chance to love,

A father on Charles street                       In everything I do is                                           Goodbye" is never goodbye.

Handing out cigars                                  Harder than it looks.                                          Finally, time to rest.

the first drop of rain                                rain falls and wind blows                                 the wind falls quiet
the river begins to flow                           the river swells and rages                               river and rain are silent
a new life swirling                                   lightning guides the sight                                all is as it was


                                                                  Failed Tai-Otoshi                                                 Sadness, tears falling like rain
                                                                  Decreased movement preceeds pain,              he cries out as death delays

                                                                  Such is Ju-Jitsu                                                  my throat chokes with grief




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