Approximate Student cost for the first semester is around $50.00. A uniform is not required.  If you decide to
continue, you need to get a uniform. A workbook can be bought in parts. Part 1 is $20.00. Advanced Green through Brown 3 is $10.00. Brown 2 and Teacning 101 is free because all students going for this rank must teach. Brown 1 is $10.00.  The Total cost of the book is $60.00. All updates are free.Ju-Jitsu Uniform, can be ordered through class at a discounted price.   Uniforms are priced by the size, and will last for all four years+ if you take care of them. They are single weave.


If you only take the classes and not do any of the other activities offered it is only $50.00 per year.

Classes run three days per week. There are 7 hours each week. 12 wks equals a possible 84 hours

Books are optional but you will need it.

Books cover everything needed for the program. Beginner to Advaned. Each technique has pictures and lines for notes


Class    50.00   .60 an hour

Book     60.00

Uniform  aprox.   55.00 - 65.00

AJA membership fee $20.00 yr after the first year.

Optional items  ????


Maru Martial Arts pays for belts through brown belt.  Black Belts are free if you don't want a good belt with your name embroidered on it.  All embroidered belts must be orded at least two months to make sure that you have them for your test.  They are  at least 60.00 through Amozon. Talk to Hanshi.

Maru Martial Arts pays promotional fees for brown belts and black belt exam.                                                  

Required AJA National Certification

AJA Promotional Certificate for Kyu Ranks, brown 3, 2, & 1  is 8.00 and is required for certification

AJA Shodan Certificate for Black Belts is 25.00.

Instructor certificate is 20.00  (Not all students receive a teaching certificate)


Optional Other Costs 

A Good Black Belt (Black Belt needs to be bought and given to me before your exam)

No Satin Belts

Black Belt with Embroidery can be bought and embroidered at Amazon. 

Black Pants once you become a Black Belt.    $20.00+

Sparring Gear, optional    $ Going rate for basic   ( Ask Hanshi )

Weapons, your choice to buy--you can borrow needed books and equipment from the club or you may buy your own weapon      through our AWMA account.

Varies by weapon

School Patches, Maru and Loyola  $5 Each.  Patches are free with uniform.  ( while they last )

School trips i.e. dinner, bowling, visits to other Dojo's for class etc.  $25.00 and up

Hakama, blue for purple belt to ichkyu or black for shodan and above. ~$60.00

Tournaments and Seminars 20.00 and up

Students must be at least 18 years of age to receive a black belt.


Estimated Cost of Full Four Year Program

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