A positive attitude is important in anything you do in life. It will help you succeed and be more satisfied with your accomplishments. It will also help you succeed in studying the martial art of Ju-Jitsu, regardless of what your personal goals in the art may be.

Your attitude is a significant factor in evaluating you for a promotion. Your attitude makes up an important part of test score on the Green through Purple Belt exams. For higher ranks, demonstrating a proper & positive attitude is a prerequisite for being considered for promotion.

Your sensei will be looking at you & your attitude in many different ways. The list below will give you a good idea of some of things you do that will illustrate a proper & positive attitude. You do not need to excel in all of the areas indicated. However, the more areas you can be measured in the better, fairer, and more complete your evaluation can be.

  • Arrives to class early enough to help set up.

  • Has regular attendance.

  • Learns and follows all dojo rules.

  • Starts to learn proper etiquette in dealing with upper ranks.

  • Keeps self clean & wear clean clothing or gi to class. (Required: Long pants for all and a crew neck T-shirt for females, nothing low cut.)

  • Understands and practices the rules of the dojo.

  • Is honorable to oneself.

  • Understands that there is no excuse for not doing your best and pushing your best to it limits.